Past Cure X: Mental Health

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Presented by Seema Kumar, CEO, Cure

Our Minds are Ailing – What Can be Done Now?

All indicators are rising—depression, anxiety, and more; we all need Mental Health Help Now!

At a moment when a billion minds are facing some form of mental illness and many more of us feel anxious, Cure CEO, Seema Kumar, engaged the audience in a frank and in depth discussion about mental health—the science and treatments; personal stories; musical acts and art; prospects for our future brains; and a group meditation to soothe and inspire.

Join us on May 24th with a mind wide open to discuss brain science, psychedelics and mindfulness.

Musical Performance by Nick Howard

Nick Howard

Nick Howard is a British/American singer-songwriter who has played over 1000 shows across the world, released 6 albums and seen his music top the charts in multiple continents. In 2012 he managed to learn German in just two months & win The Voice of Germany.


CureX is Hosted by Seema Kumar, CEO, Cure

6:30pm: Reception
Wine and healthy brain food from Chef Michael Smith

Screening of the “Glass Brain” video from the Neuroscape lab of Adam Gazzaley, MD, PhD, UCSF

7:00pm: Program

Short Film:
“The Thief”, by Arturo Brena, KeexFrame Studios

A Parent’s Story:
David Nathan, Co-Founder, Happy Jack Record, former executive at Republic Records; he helped develop careers of Taylor Swift, Amy Winehouse, and many more

Nick Howard, award-winning singer-songwriter, singing his hit “Unbreakable” and other songs

Advances in Mental Healthcare: Where We Are and Where Do We Go. Alla Landa, PhD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry, Columbia University Medical Center

The mental health crisis from street level, and where we are with policy, Jorge Petit, MD, Psychiatrist, former President and CEO for Services for the UnderServed

Jeffrey Sparr, Artist and Mental Health Advocate, Co-founder of PeaceLove Foundation

Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy: A Patient’s Journey, David Ewing Duncan, Award-winning science journalist and author of “Stolen Words: COVID, Ketamine, and Me,” Vanity Fair

Stephen Sokoler, Entrepreneur and CEO of Journey

Guided Meditation:
Stephen Sokoler, CEO of Journey

Nick Howard, award-winning singer-songwriter

Cure X: Mental Health

When: Wednesday, May 24, 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Where: Cure, 345 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10010

Speakers: David Nathan, CEO of Happy Jack Records and Parent. Stephen Sokoler, CEO of Journey. Jeffery Sparr, Art and Mental Health Advocate. Musical performance by Nick Howard. Moderated by Seema Kumar, CEO of Cure.

Featured Speakers

CureX David Nathan

David Nathan, CEO of Happy Jack Records and Parent

David Nathan is a well-known and respected veteran in the entertainment/music industry who has worked and developed the careers of multiple A-list talent throughout his career such as Taylor Swift, Amy Winehouse, Ariana Grande, Florida Georgia Line, The Weeknd, Thomas Rhett and Cash Money to name a few.

Alla Landa

Newly Added! Dr. Alla Landa, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry, Columbia University Medical Center

Dr. Landa's is a researcher and clinician -- her work bridges clinical psychology and neuroscience, and is focused on the interface of emotion regulation, interpersonal well-being, life-long development and health, with the goal of uncovering etiology of brain-body distress and developing new, effective treatments. She is a founder of multidisciplinary Columbia Psychosomatics Conferences and other training initiatives aiming at implementation of novel approaches in healthcare and beyond.

Dr Jorge Petit

Newly Added! Jorge R. Petit, MD, Public Sector Psychiatrist & Executive Healthcare Leader

Jorge Petit is a community psychiatrist and healthcare executive leader, leading the sector to innovate and transform healthcare for those most in need and vulnerable--people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, those struggling with mental health and substance use challenges, individuals in poverty, facing eviction or homelessness, and all those marginalized, unemployed and disadvantaged.

David Ewing Duncan

Newly Added! David Ewing Duncan, Award Winning Science Writer Psychedelics Patient

Bestselling author of When I’m 164: The Science of Radical Life Extension and What Happens if It Succeeds and Experimental Man

Stephen Sokolor

Stephen Sokoler, CEO of Journey

Stephen spent years in the business sector, founding and running companies, including Altrum Honors, which helped organizations celebrate and inspire their employees. After years of personal practice, Stephen recognized that well-being needed to be shared with the world in a more approachable, accessible way. In 2015, Stephen founded Journey with a simple but powerful goal: help people live happier lives with greater clarity and peace of mind.

Jeff Sparr, Art and Mental Health Advocate

Jeff is living proof that creativity can change lives! Diagnosed with OCD in college, Jeff spent the next 20 years fighting against his mental illness while trying to live a “normal” life—launching a business, getting married, and starting a family.