Past CureX: Aging’s End? The Science & Implications of Extending Lifespans

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Presented by Seema Kumar, CEO, Cure

“Eternity was in our lips and eyes.” – William Shakespeare

For eons, people have longed to end disease, suffering and death—or at least to live a lifespan that’s long, healthy, and meaningful. In the past 30 years, this yearning has manifested in a scientific quest to understand the deep mechanisms of why organisms age, including humans, which has shifted from wishful thinking to becoming more mainstream. What is the latest science in the field of longevity, anti-aging, and living a healthy life, and where is it heading? What is legitimate science, and what is not? What are the ethical considerations if lifespans are radically increased?

Program Details

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Keynote by David Ewing Duncan: How to Build a Better Human

Deep Dive with James Preyer: A Tour of Recent Anti-Aging Science

Featuring a special performance by Broadway Star Emily Borromeo Prom, School of Rock, Gloria: A Life

Cooking demonstration with Cure’s Executive Chef, Mike Smith, former chef at Laurent, Beacon, and the Rainbow Room. Preparing healthy food to support longer lives.

Hosted by Seema Kumar, CEO of Cure

Aging’s End? Getting Real about Increasing Healthy Lifespans

Speakers: Keynote speaker David Ewing Duncan, Science Journalist, TED Speaker, and Bestselling Author, author of When I’m 164: The Science of Radical Life Extension and What Happens if It Succeeds and Experimental Man (TED Books). Partnering with James Peyer, PhD, CEO, Cambrian Biopharma. Moderated by Seema Kumar, CEO of Cure

Featured Speakers

David Ewing Duncan

About Keynote Speaker David Ewing Duncan

Science Journalist and Bestselling Author, author of When I’m 164: The Science of Radical Life Extension and What Happens if It Succeeds and Experimental Man

James Peyer, Ph.D.

About James Peyer

James Peyer is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Cambrian Bio. He also holds multiple board and executive roles across Cambrian’s pipeline. He has spent his entire life dedicated to the mission of finding ways of preventing people from getting diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s instead of waiting for people to get sick. James was previously Founder and Managing Partner at Apollo Ventures, the first global longevity-focused venture capital firm, investing across the US and Europe. Prior to Apollo, James was a biotech R&D specialist at the New York office of McKinsey & Company, serving major pharmaceutical clients. He earned his PhD in stem cell biology at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center as a National Science Foundation Fellow and received his B.A. with special honors from the University of Chicago.

NOra La Torre

About Nora LaTorre

Nora LaTorre is CEO of award-winning Eat Real which is a systems transformation nonprofit. Eat Real is on track to shift $1B of school food purchasing power by 2025 to expand access to healthier and greener meals so every child can flourish. Eat Real is nourishing the future by working with over 500 schools to solve the root cause of the health crisis facing our children and has a rapidly scaling climate change solution. Additionally, Nora is a One Green Thing Board Member, Tufts Nutrition Security Council Member and California Department of Food and Agriculture Advisor on Health, Data, and Systems. She is part of XPRIZE, Chief, and the Aspen Institute Socrates Scholars program on climate change as well as a leader on numerous national public health coalitions. Nora contributed to the White House Hunger, Nutrition, and Health Conference and was a speaker for the inaugural TEDX Planetary Stewardship conference. Her impact has been highlighted by CBS, Fast Company, CNN and beyond. Nora built her career sparking the conscious consumer movement: working with and advising nonprofits, startups and Fortune 500 companies on the triple bottom line and consumer activation. She works to inspire results and collaboration. She invests in future-changing ideas, female leaders and rising stars. Nora is motivated by her two toddlers and her love of the mountains.

Seema Kumar

About Seema Kumar

Ms. Kumar joins Cure from Johnson & Johnson where she spent nearly 20 years in senior leadership positions, most recently serving as Global Head of the Office of Innovation, Global Health and Scientific Engagement. During her tenure, she led the launch of the company’s Innovation Centers, JLABS and Global Public Health initiatives, as well as the CoLaboratory at the World Economic Forum at Davos and the award winning COVID-19 educational broadcast program, “The Road to a Vaccine.”