Past Tuesday Talks — How a Startup is Revolutionizing Maternal Health

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Presented by Seema Kumar, CEO, Cure

Our most recent Tuesday Talk live on Cure’s LinkedIn Channel features a fire-side conversation with Adrianne Nickerson, CEO and co-founder of Oula Health, a company revolutionizing maternal health.

With infant and maternal mortality rates becoming an increasingly growing concern in the United States, Adrianne has taken charge by transforming the pregnancy experience for women in New York.

Oula Health has received an impressive funding of $23 million and is building clinics in collaboration with major medical centers and insurers. They provide live and app-based support systems, including prenatal care, nutritional guidance, mental health support, and assistance during childbirth.

No wonder Oula Health has been recognized as one of Fast Company’s “10 Most Innovative Healthcare Companies in 2023”.

Join us next week on Tuesday August 15 on LinkedIn for a fireside chat with Susan Rosenthal, SVP, Life Sciences & Healthcare at NYC EDC.

Tuesday Talks: How a Start Up is Revolutionizing Maternal Care

Where: Virtual audience only on LinkedIn Live
Topic: A fireside chat with Adrianne Nickerson, the co-founder and CEO of Oula. In conversation with Seema Kumar, CEO, Cure.

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About Adrianne Nickerson

Adrianne Nickerson is the co-founder and CEO of Oula, where she is redesigning maternity care from the ground up. Before starting Oula, Adrianne co-founded a virtual cancer care management company and consulted for large health systems and insurers at Deloitte. Adrianne holds a bachelor’s in biology from Columbia University and a master’s in global health from Harvard University, where her research focused on the barriers to accessing reproductive health services.

Seema Kumar

About Seema Kumar

Seema joined Cure Experience in 2022 as the Chief Executive Officer. Prior to Cure, Ms. Kumar spent nearly 20 years at Johnson & Johnson in senior leadership roles, including most recently as the Global Head, Office of Innovation, Global Health and Scientific Engagement, and served on J&J’s Innovation Strategy, Public health leadership and the COVID-19 vaccine steering committee, where she led the company’s external affairs efforts and public education program on COVID and vaccine literacy. Before her tenure at J&J, Ms. Kumar was the Chief of Staff to Dr. Eric Lander and the Chief Communications Officer at the Whitehead Institute/Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Genome Research where she played a leadership role in the Human Genome Project. She also has held leadership positions at the U.S. National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the National Institutes of Health, and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Ms. Kumar holds an M.S. in Science Journalism and Communications from the University of Maryland.